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Super Full Moon in tropical Scorpio 7° / sidereal Libra 13° (Swati)

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Vancouver, 2021-04-26

TROPICAL | The Pluto in Scorpio generation, especially those born in the mid-late 1980’s will feel this Full Moon opposite the Sun in Taurus a bit more at face value than others. As Pluto is stationing retrograde too, the emotional or psychological perspective towards certain, possibly traumatic, events or situations in your life wants to get reacquainted, dealt with and then released, buried, transformed and/or healed. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, we’re talking a lot of transformation related to other people and relationships who have great personal value to us, resources, money, our voices and the way we speak, express ourselves verbally and communicate. This quite pure Taurus energy will also strongly revolve around earning money, gathering resources and building a stable foundation in the pursuit of creating a promising, loving and secure future. Taurus is the stable grounding soil and Scorpio is the liquid that’s flowing beneath the ground emotionally and psychologically speaking. Scorpio rules things that are buried and is our personal psychological hiding place when it comes to things like addiction, obsession, accidents, sexuality and the unpredictable ups and downs of our lives. Pluto in Scorpio people naturally wants to dig deep, and with Mars being the ancient ruler, says a lot about the style/nature of the digging. Mars has recently moved into its debilitated energy of Cancer. There’s much hesitation, lack of decision making or sometimes making hasty decisions based on how you feel in a particular moment rather than viewing the bigger picture, and a great need for self-care, nourishment and staying safe at all costs with this energy. Hesitating to initiate something new or to release what needs to go can make things become stale or even toxic and could prevent the universe from helping you manifest a new and different beginning in your life. With water leading the way for this Full Moon, feelings and emotions will surely have a say in what stays and what goes. Transformation is the key to the answer in any case.

SIDEREAL | The energy of Libra in Swati Nakshatra will be highlighted during this Full Moon looking at things from a sidereal energy perspective. With Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, there is definitely gradually more opportunities in terms of the intellectual and social areas of our lives. Saturn in Capricorn’s 10th aspect squaring this Full Moon could however bring out feelings of a high degree of restrictions still. Libra exalts Saturn, where its counterpart Aries debilitates him, but this Moon is looking at Venus in Aries conjuncting the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Aries. As a result, during this Full Moon period there are much potential conflict and arguments lurking on the horizon. Ego, pride and personalities and a personal sense of empowerment clashing with superiors, governments or people with a high degree of control or authority. The masculine fire and air energy in the sky wants and seeks freedom, but Saturn in Capricorn will be reminding us to stay grounded, responsible, and keep walking in a steady line up the same mountain we’re all faced with having to climb these days. Releasing or/and confronting karmas related to relationships is inevitable with this Libra energy, but don’t expect smooth sailing right away. Take one step at a time, and keep up with self-love as you take actions, but be brave and don’t let an argument or two scare you away from achieving what you truly want and seek in terms of love and relationships.

Astrology by Philip Laessoe

Artwork by Stelios Kleanthous

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