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Strawberry Full Moon in 3° tropical Capricorn

Vancouver, June 24th 2021

So it’s time for another Full Moon energy peak and tropical Capricorn is the focus of this one. The Sun is now shining in nurturing and caring Cancer, which is naturally looking at The Moon (now in Capricorn) for energy guidance. With Venus being in Cancer as well, there is an element of looking inward a bit and really get in touch with our emotions when it comes to how we feel about other people and partners, but Capricorn is there to ground us and try to view things thru a lens of being realistic, logical and fact-based.

Cancer is Cap’s axis-partner and thus sits as the Descendant (DC) creating a naturally intuitive and emotional focus towards the partner or other people in general balancing off with one’s own sense of self, instinct and ambitions. The Moon is naturally very content in Cancer, but can feel very challenged energetically in Capricorn. Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, karma plays a big role in how a Cap moon person sees and experiences her/his own emotional reality. During periods of great karmic release, this placement can feel like there’s not enough emotional nourishment around, or lack self-love which can create feelings of depression, abandonment or detachment from oneself and the surroundings. So an abundance of Moon energy naturally helps to balance out this axis scale energetically.

There’s a slight transformative emphasis to this Full Moon thru the conjunction of Pluto in retrograde (looking towards the past for transformation). So climbing the mountain of Capricorn can be a challenging task that doesn’t always feel that comfortable on the inside, but let’s not forget Capricorn is also a natural power house and leader type of both Saturnian and Martian energies thus can easily end up creating significant life and milestone achievements as a result of hard work, dedication and maybe a little suffering now and then. Cap knows that fighting hard and long for what she/he wants will pay off eventually. It’s about keeping the focus, and not letting the challenges get the best of you. Identifying what the destination and end goal is and then going for it 100% without too much sidetracking. That is exactly what a healthy Saturn natal or transit placement can help in achieving. This Full Moon in Cap is looking at Aquarius Saturn in a retrograde motion which means we might need to reshape or rediscover our paths in terms of what we value and want to build on in terms of our collective hopes and dreams, our perspective of the future, our friends and social circles dealing with the karma we encounter along the journey. Retrograde means connecting with energy we’ve already manifested before, to possibly fix or simply reconnect with something (or someone) from the past. With Mercury recently coming out of its retrograde, there has been much time to think or communicate towards what was, but now stationed direct in its domicile Gemini, our ability to communicate and thought processing is going to feel smoother, less cloudy/confused and be aimed towards progressing forward. Also with Mars having entered fiery tropical Leo, there is now potential for the energy of initiative and action to be thriving even more in a sign that represents artists, creativity, shows, performances, games, sports, children, playing and having fun and romance etc. Both Earth and Fire are physically passionate energies so things are heating up, but let's be real as well and keep track of what we truly aim to achieve in life for the long run. Make a dedicated effort, manifest it and when ready, it shall be rewarded.

Artwork by Casper Cammeraat

Astrology by Philip Laessoe

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