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Lunar Eclipse: Full Blood Moon in 5.25° tropical Sagittarius / 11.25° sidereal Scorpio

Vancouver, May 26th 2021

TROPICAL | Within the seasonal matrix of western astrology, this Full Blood Moon brings about manifestation lighting up the areas of energy ruled by the archer of Sagittarius and his ruler Jupiter. Jupiter recently moved into its feminine domicile of higher consciousness and deepest intuition in Pisces which also brings about increased abundance and compassion until Jupiter retrogrades back into the heavier Saturnian landscape of Aquarius whose ancient ruler Saturn recently stationed retrograde. Another highly important retrospect movement of energy during this Full Moon transit is Mercury’s retrograde in axis-partner sign Gemini. Gemini represents the lower / mundane mind, yet fast and factual communication, thoughts and desires, siblings/twins, conversation and information gathering etc. With the Sag Full Moon (guided by Jupiter in Pisces) leading the way, opportunities are on the rise and the possibility of personal growth and development, increased intuition and awareness and expansion or healing of our subconscious reality - taking a more positive and open-minded approach to those things that we feel that are hard to explain - is on the forefront. The Scorpio Full Moon with Mars in Cancer brought a level of heightened fear, anxiety and some cave mentality, whereas Sagittarius represents a much more optimistic, flexible and outward looking approach to things. With Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini, the need to communicate especially with our connections, relationships, friends and immediate surroundings is strong - possibly towards the past due to the retrograde of Mercury kicking in. Moving, taking a road trip or considering possible future domestic or international travel plans is definitely on the horizon too. Even though this reversed energy phase of Mercury can easily create misunderstandings and situations that later need to get revisited and cleared up, Gemini is a very healthy Mercury position that ought to bring some facts to the table and an urge to communicate and talk about them. Pisces Jupiter helps to look at these facts with a heightened sense of emotional understanding, intuitive wisdom and spiritual awareness connecting with themes such as forgiveness, empathy and unconditionality while trying to step away and overcome fear mongering, misinformation/lies, language barriers, lack of facts and instead embrace a more positive and opportunistic mindset that is a much more promising path towards higher abundance and growth now and into the future.

SIDEREAL | The sidereal Lunar Eclipse cycle in deep and penetrative Scorpio is a time where the deeper psychological areas of ourselves are brought into the light from a non-conditional personal standpoint. It’s a time to let go of something and make room for something new to grow and prosper. New energy cycles are waiting for space to initiate, end what is exhausted or transform one state of energy into something different and stronger. The ruler of Scorpio (Mars) will be in sidereal Gemini at the time of the Full Moon so especially the early days of the Mercury retrograde will bring about a strong desire to communicate and reach out about things that are hidden or buried within us, possibly related to past events. With Venus, Sun and Rahu in Taurus in opposition, relationship themes connected to the physical, emotional and psychological realm are definitely strongly highlighted. Rahu in Taurus is exalted and has a very healthy obsession towards obtaining long term stability and materialistic tangible gains. Gaining something that you can touch, love and feel is right for you to pursue with true physical passion and commitment. Gemini is the "Bhavat-Bhavam" sign for Scorpio - the 8th/Scorpionic arena of Scorpio - so there’s deep digging here intellectually speaking, seeking information, truths or facts combined with lots of energy bringing the scary, psychological depths of ourselves into a much more factual and mundane way of communication. Nonetheless, with Mercury retrograding it’s important to take into consideration potential misunderstandings or aiming these facts towards the past for a while in order to be able to clear the path for the future. Venus feels strong in Taurus, but is combined with the Sun’s sense of ego as well which naturally holds up a mirror of self-priority within the context of relationships, values, resources or/and money matters. In Taurus, there is a certain level of resistance towards change, since the status quo might feel safer, calmer and more stable, but don’t let those thoughts interfere with the need to transform coming through during this potent Scorpio Full Blood Moon. Life is but a cycle full of changes and unpredictable times often reveal something you didn’t know about yourself before. Everybody benefits from forward movement and stagnant energy will eventually release itself one way or the other. Scorpio certainly has a reputation to rise from the deep, unknowingly and slice its way forward so we don’t get stuck. So embrace digging deep, feel to the core, release, renew or transform. As the tower crumbles, Taurus energy is standing as a proud and firm symbol of what is waiting for you at the other end of the axis guided by the light and love of Venus.

Artwork by Alexis Birkill

Astrology by Philip Laessoe

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