Lunar Eclipse in tropical Taurus / sidereal Aries Bharani

Vancouver, Nov 8th 2022

NEWS: Zensoe’s been on an external hiatus for a year now which has been a period of introspected focus towards connecting with my higher/light worker self through soul work, establishing a healthier, more balanced ego-personality along with acquiring spiritual knowledge from new mentors and idols such as Eckhardt Tolle, Alan Watts etc. Zensoe is in the works of becoming a more publicly engaging platform, and I’m preparing video shoots, material, even a couple of interviews and other spiritual/artistic content, gradually making way to establishing an inspiring YouTube channel that will spread love, light and spiritual awareness to all.

FORECAST: The Solar Eclipse / New Moon on Oct 25th, 2022 in early tropical Scorpio / sidereal Libra represented the beginning of a new transformative energetic cycle. A cycle related to us all (Sun/Moon) in terms of relationships and love (thru Venus’ conjunction) and dealings with past/karma (Ketu/South Node). By now, a couple of weeks later, the opposite axis, Taurus/Aries is illuminated through this Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon making aspects to Uranus (freedom, individuality) and the North Node (an amplification of this Lunar release’s karmic impact). Mars transiting tropical and sidereal Gemini, currently retrograde, is asking to take action to communicate with especially past partners or love interests about these changes/transformative initiatives. A type of communication that isn’t necessarily easy or pleasant at first and can cause delays (Gemini making a 6-8 aspect to Scorpio).

All eclipses bring forth the energy signature of Rahu/NN and Ketu/SN which is the axis of our karmic destination versus our past compared to this life. With Ketu transiting Scorpio/Libra, this signifies the gradual release of karma within past relationships and dealings with other people for the Taurus/Aries opposite axis - or more accurately put, a peak/realization/illumination and then a release. Major transformation in personal or business relationships, and potential radical changes, break-ups making way for new beginnings. Since it takes 1.5 years for the Nodes to retrograde through each zodiac sign, the eclipses that occur within this 30 degree transit are connected through multiple releases and initiations of energy happening with various interconnected themes based on our unique natal energetic composition. The energy sectors of Tau/Sco and Ari/Lib are ruled by Venus and Mars which is the Yin and Yang polarities representing relationships, love, values, other people, commitment vs the self identity, karmic roadmap and physical vessel of our current incarnation.

Aries Bharani, the sidereal nakshatra of this Lunar Eclipse, is not the usual impulsive, jump head-on into the fire, patience lacking type of Aries persona. This lunar mansion, while still embodying the core elements of Aries, symbolizes more the bearing of life like a woman’s womb, and is ruled by Venus. Sometimes we need to give birth to a new version of ourselves. Our minds, values and belief systems is undoubtedly influenced by what happens in the world around us, and this sometimes creates unnecessary restrictions and blockages within the ego personality that we create to cope with our own personal circumstances and immediate life environment. Releasing this, and looking at the world in a new light can be refreshing and expansive. Transformation is necessary, and intensely highlighted throughout this Fall eclipse season. Let’s take some firm, courageous steps into a new future together, wishing you all good luck, much love and strength on your individual journeys! <3

Astrology by Philip T. Laessoe

Artwork by Caroline Allen

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