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Full Moon in tropical Gemini / sidereal Taurus-Rohini

Vancouver, Dec 7th 2022


The Full Moon in tropical Gemini is accompanied by the conjunction of a retrograde illuminated Mars in the sky, and thus are both planetary energies looking at the ruler Mercury in early Capricorn. Gemini represents our thoughts, ability to communicate and process information, small talk and quickly assess and take action on thought and intellectual input, but also our primitive desires and ego-driven lower minds. This energy guided by Capricorn brings an ambitious and action oriented energy that will help the weaker retrograding Gemini Mars (finally) get things done. Capricorn means corporate business, forming governments and pursuing leadership, and wants to produce tangible real-life results. There’s an earthy boldness to Capricorn that is charming and confident, but also can feel cold-hearted, narrow-minded and distant at times. This strong Capricorn Mercury is guided by a powerful Aquarius Saturn moving fast towards the tropical domain of Pisces. This signals a significant change in energy kicking in as of early-ish 2023. A year that will bring tropical Earth and Water energies into the spotlight especially as we move past the Winter. A change of Saturn energy is much needed to get the collective karma in the tropical energy matrix to move past Covid etc. and mankind’s other troubling behaviours into a more hopeful, expansive, beautiful and spiritually focused Pisces arena.


The nakshatra of Taurus-Rohini is easily regarded as the most comfortable domain for the Moon to travel through energetically. In astrology, The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and in this peaceful lunar mansion, The Full Moon beautifully balances out the intensity of the opposition to Scorpio Sun through exhibiting Taurean traits such as comfort, stability, staying grounded and steadfast for example through connecting with nature and our physical surroundings. Aspected by a slow-to-act Taurus Mars in an introspective and somewhat challenging retrograde motion, some actions may be taken to bring to light and then release energies aspected by the Full Moon and the transformation-driven Sun in Scorpio. Taurus looking at Venus being in Sag then looking at a strong Pisces Jupiter does provide some opportunity for abundance or new opportunities as a result of the energy release, however steps need to be taken towards past ventures, things or people in order to clear away potential obstacles along the road. The sidereal Taurus Mars does continue this retrospected focus for a little while longer before moving direct in Jan, 2023.


My experience of this Full Moon intuitively is that of peace, balance and focus. Quite dissimilar to the usual Moon like waves of up and down emotions. I noticed a subconscious focus on not stressing too much, and taking my time to do stuff while enjoying myself, and rather keeping a grounded focus towards completing my tropical 6th house mercurian-jupitarian work, chores and routines today. Felt positive and immensely level-headed and optimistic during the day. Did sense the retrospective Mars energies fuelling my sidereal Aries Moon reflecting over many things past-related, especially love-related to other people, but staying confident and positive in my outlook towards the immediate and long term future in that somewhat unresolved area of my life. Tropically, the Full Moon and illuminated Mars was through their Mercury rulers looking directly at my natal Venus in Cap and that helped with feelings of joy, fun and pleasant times both at work and at home. Feel an increase in my level of happiness, less unwanted external energies invading my aura, less technical issues, ego struggles and conflicts, and feel good about the changes and initiatives I have taken leading to a new transformative cycle kicking in around the corner.

Astrology by Philip T. Laessoe

Artwork by Eric Fan (The Voyage)

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