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Full Worm Moon in Libra

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

2021-03-28 | Wakey wakey world! So the past month, the day dreaming and inward reflectiveness was brought to light during the Virgo Full Moon period under the influence of Mercury in Pisces. Now the Moon shines its brightest light on Libra which is an archetypal energy that is all about relationships and our connections and interactions with other people.

Libra is always looking at its Mars-ruled axis partner Aries on the other side of the scale for strength and courage revolving around themes of self such as drive, determination, goals and desires. Our ability to stay in alignment with the love we give ourselves as we take upon our relationships is essential to balancing the Libra/Aries axis scale. The placement of Venus (ruler of Libra energy) shows a lot about what principles we use to approach and guide our relationships and social lives. Venus is currently transiting fiery and bold Aries. The Ram tends to face relationship matters head on with the most courage and a style based on the placement of Mars. The current Mars in Gemini is about taking action through information gathering and communication within our intellectual and social circles, and is currently guided by the principles of transiting Mercury in Pisces. Pisces represents our subconscious beliefs and deepest feelings, which is often hidden from us and taking place behind the scenes along with matters such as spirituality, karmic connections and unconditional love. So there are many deeper aspects to the focal points of this Libra Full Moon energy. Collectively, we definitely want to seek and find out what it is that we truly desire from our relationships from a deeply personal point of view weighing things in terms of where we were, where we are headed and what we have learned about ourselves thus far. There’s also an element highlighting online dating and virtual communication based on the trine energies from Aquarius, combined with lots of potential escapism thoughts and tendencies with Mercury in Pisces. Pisces, which exalts Venus, follow in the peaceful footsteps of a Libra Moon that naturally prefers diplomacy and harmony above all. Although, with the Aries Sun and Venus in opposition, some situations and potential clashes in terms of communication could happen resulting in somebody pulling away. The inconjunction from Uranus in Taurus calls for slow transformation, nourishment and self-love possibly from online sources/virtually.

As for Covid and the world situation, distributing vaccines are going through the same push and pull tendencies between “me vs the others”. The Libra Full Moon does want mankind to strongly consider other people’s needs along the way, but before putting an oxygen mask on to help somebody breathe (Mars in Gemini), we need to make sure we as individuals can breathe first (Aries Sun/Venus). With Mercury entering Aries in April, things will gradually speed up, and communication will become more straight-forward and action-driven. The trine from Mars in Gemini will help make sure local neighbourhood distribution of vaccines will become increasingly more efficient and pick up pace. So my dear fellow Earthlings: seek to stay in balance, be loving and passionate, and don’t forget to love yourself first - before you set off to love another! ;-)

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