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Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

2020-08-03 | Hurrah!! Today’s the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius! ♒️ 🌝 A feeling of some relief strikes me after a month full of highlighting the Capricornian themes in the tropical sky. Don’t get me wrong, Capricorn at its best is admirable, full of strength, focus and determination, however a lot of the troublesome energies that we are experiencing globally still resides in that particular area of the sky. A very potent Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in its fall, all in retrograde currently, are making sure we face a challenge worth remembering bringing with it steep transformation, heightened anxiety and a cautious and restricted nature in our ability to expand. As a contrast, this Aquarius full moon will want to remind us that even though the battle is far from won, there is a next stage to all of this around the corner, eventually presenting remedies along the way to all of mankind, starting from the end of this year with Jupiter and Saturn moving into… you got it… Aquarius! This sign aces logical thinking and is realistic despite its occasional dreamy tendencies, and ultimately, hope and and belief in a better and brighter future for all strongly ignites the willpower of this sign. The intelligent and progressive Uranian-like thinking patterns will set the stage for the next two and a half years and beyond. Tropical Aquarius energy will be on the forefront of the global stage bringing with it new technology/innovation, a desire to progress/evolve and deal with some of the pressing global issues our planet is currently facing and… some unexpected, but necessary changes of society norms. Well, let’s make it happen people! #zensoe #artstrology #aquarius #fullmoon #westernastrology #aquariushealing #hopeandoptimism #rebellion #progress #scientificbreakthrough #innovation #coronadays

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