Full Harvest Moon in Pisces at 28° tropical / 4° sidereal

Vancouver, September 20th 2021

Pisces represents the last stage of the chronological zodiac belt and also happens to be the final dispositor of energy dominating my own western and sidereal birth charts. Having climbed the spiritual ladder over many years, rather exponentially during the last year or so, I have the utmost respect for people exhibiting the higher Piscean traits in their personality. Representing the 12th (dusthana) house, this is not the easiest energy to embody or decipher. However, the insight and wisdom you can gain thru absorbing and relating to the energies around you is a beautiful pathway when it comes to self-development and spiritual growth. In my view, Pisces energy needs to be wielded a bit like a wizard’s wand. If not treated with care, it can easily become a trigger leading to a downward slope towards many negative lower tendencies in life. Luckily, with a Full Moon currently manifesting her peak in the tropical and sidereal Pisces energy zones of our individual charts, the Moon’s manifestation energetically is usually mostly positive and enlightening. The opposition from Sun in Virgo helps to keep us grounded sticking to the tangible facts, while we’re feeling all sorts of things on the inside. The Moon controls our planet’s tides and is energetically watery in nature, so as its transiting the mutable water sign Pisces in both major astro systems, it can produce many beautiful, optimistic and dreamy scenarios within our subconscious emotional reality. However, be sure to get plenty of rest, sleep and consider using meditation and perhaps take a bath to facilitate stepping into this Piscean bliss. Pisces is a master in areas like possessing the ability to love by showing and feeling love deeply, imagining, dreaming, being empathic, compassionate and can exhibit an innate ability to ascend oneself spiritually as life progresses. All this, combined with a taste of mystery and the curiosity of stepping into exploring the hidden or unknown things in life, definitely can make the Piscean journey quite interesting to say the least. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune which are both currently retrograding. Jupiter recently moved back into its debilitation in sidereal Capricorn, a landscape that’s rather restrictive led by governments, corporations, authority figures etc. introducing stricter measures for all of us publicly. Luckily, Jupiter’s energy will station direct in October and move back into sidereal Aquarius, and tropically will take on its domicile back in Pisces again. With tropical Jupiter currently retrograding in Aquarius, this is a time for many to rebel against recently occurring past events, or a time to stand together and fight for what we believe is right for mankind. A fight of belief systems and opinions standing up for personal freedom, and hopefully in the long run a goal of making a better world and future for all in the years ahead. Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune’s current retrograde motion helps to lift a bit of the confusing fog that surrounds that energy and reveals more about what’s actually hidden deep inside, so it’s a good time to get in touch and learn to better understand our subconscious selves, before tropical Neptune and Jupiter both transits Pisces throughout much of the year 2022. Much love everybody! <3

Artwork by Bill Bell

Astrology by Philip Toxværd Læssøe

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