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Full Blue Moon in Taurus

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

2020-10-31 | BOOOO - Halloween is here!! 🎃 👻 and with it comes a Full Blue Moon in Taurus. This one’s a real beauty! The Moon is seen mostly to be very content transiting Taurus since values like strength, stability, security, level headedness, solidity and pleasant things give the moon’s emotional fluctuating behaviour some real ground control. A well-placed Venus in its peaceful domicile Libra is guiding this Taurus moon. However, all this pleasantry is in opposition to Taurus’ fierce axis-partner, Scorpio, which is the sector of the sky that the Sun will naturally be in during this Full Blue Moon. The axis dance between these two signs is always powerful and magnetic, to say the least, and with a close conjunction from Uranus (which Scorpio exalts), it’s likely that there will be an unexpected change or somewhat sudden realization, like a lightning bolt that’s been building up from the deep and wanting to stir up your mind/emotions during this moon cycle. This situation would bring with it the Uranian tendency of wanting to progress and rebel against current conditions in the area of your life that Taurus rules. With Mars in Aries transiting the sky at the same time, the universe is telling us to practise or rediscover our inner bravery and the confidence needed to facilitate these inevitable changes leading to a new, different and hopefully more pleasant future! ✌🏻 💚 🌈

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