Blue Moon - The 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius

Vancouver, August 22nd 2021

Aaaaand… Zensøe’s back reporting on a powerful manifestation peak in the Aquarius energy sector of the sky coming to you from beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Roughly a month ago, we experienced the first Full Moon in the early degrees of the same sign. This time around, the Blue Moon is touching on the cusp of the tropical Pisces/Virgo axis at 29.36 degrees. The Full Moon is actually in Aquarius in both the tropical and sidereal zodiac belt which only adds to the display of the true nature of this progressive energy. Aquarius is guided by the expression of the harsh and restrictive yet goal-oriented and steadfast Saturn, the rebellious and ever-elevating Uranus and also by the karmic co-ruler Rahu, the North Node of The Moon, in sidereal astrology. And there is a big element of karma displayed in this Full Moon. Saturn is transiting in backward motion, and this means we’ll be revisiting old energies, some times to restart things, some times to close up old karmic cycles to make room for the new to prosper and grow as of when Saturn stations direct. The square to recently retrograde stationed Uranus in Taurus has been the cause of much global tension between the restrictive karma society is facing and the fight for freedom to get out of those chains again. With so many planets in retrograde currently, we’re sort of facing in the direction of smelling the roses we’ve already walked past, to deal with, prepare or conclude things before moving towards the next stage, or rather, the next challenge of our universal journey. Luckily, a strong conjunction to Jupiter takes place during this Full Moon, and as he is moving towards Saturn, the result is a slight relief of the harsher aspects of that energy. This will further our learning abilities, give more room to reconnect socially, to travel and expand our horizons and enjoy more creative entertainment, stage performances joined by our social groups. With Venus transiting Libra and Mercury in Virgo, things may likely turn towards the better and become more genuine in terms of establishing new social contacts and viewing our relationships and connections through a more balanced and level-headed lens. Even though a Mercury retrograde is knocking on our door during the month of September, before the shadow period kicks in we should experience an easier flowing thought processing enabling a higher degree of analytical perception, information processing and better organizational abilities especially as the Sun joins Mercury in Virgo. The Lion’s Gate Portal and the New Moon in Leo on Aug 8th (8/8) brought us closer towards attaining our visions and goals fuelled by a sense of clarity of the heart, and now the Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to look at things from the other angle and raise our common frequency so we can universally progress together through radical changes of societal norms, and also in relation to the environment and the way we think and act for the betterment of everybody, so we can all steadily move towards a more future-proof version of ourselves and the world we live in.

Artwork by Mario Sanchez Nevado

Astrology by Philip Toxværd Læssøe

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