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Mars Direct Station in Aries

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

2020-11-14 | YESSSSS! I got great news today for the well being of our common will power and determination and especially for all of you fiery people out there with prominent Aries & Scorpio astrological natal chart placements! The traditional ruler of both these signs, the planet Mars has just stationed direct in the middle degrees of his most natural home of Aries in the tropical zodiac sectors.

Doesn’t it feel like the world is truly starting to move forward again now?

Well, the solar system’s own God of War certainly backs up this claim due to this change of movement. Now, the Mars-ruled parts of our natal charts will get a healthy dose of Aries cardinal fire to help us face any interference or obstacles head on - like the Ram. During the first month or so of this transit, Mars in Aries will continue to square off with the chains of the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn conjunction. However, the tension will start to loosen up when Aries Mars starts to feel the presence of Aquarius’ fixed air by mid December. The scientific breakthroughs (vaccines etc.) that the cusp of Aquarius brings with it (and will continue bringing) will get a helping hand by Mars in the sense of boosting the will power and determination for distributing viral remedies to the masses, bit by bit. Mars in Aries also points to the military / task force recruits or volunteers whom could likely become a helping hand in the global effort to help us heal. Lastly, despite the Covid restrictions, Christmas could very well bring with it a feeling that some sense of normalcy is returning to our lives over the next few months. While we stare at a future horizon revealing a new set of challenges - like the proud protectors of our beautiful planet - we will prevail! Until next time, stay strong and sexy ya’ll!

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