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New Moon in tropical Aries 22° / sidereal Pisces 28° (Revati)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Vancouver, 2021-04-11

TROPICAL | With the last Full Moon illuminating Libra energy, relationships and connections, the New Moon in Aries has its focus on our selves. Now is the time to realize, rediscover and put into action our truest potential and most confident belief in our abilities and worth. A time to use the bright and inspiring energy of the Sun and Mars during this onset of Spring to manifest new beginnings and conquests. Mars is in Gemini so here we can feel an urge to try to learn new skills, communicate more with friends, siblings, neighbours and people around us and take short-term trips and hikes in nature. Along with this bright fire energy, the temperature of the weather is heating up too and might bring with it a need to physically exercise and use our bodies to maintain and keep our energy levels high. Aries has a bold and courageous nature so this is the time to face things head on, maybe take a risk or two and don’t give in to fear or the past in the pursuit of anything new.

SIDEREAL | I got a very special relationship with the Nashatra of Revati having my natal Mars and Rahu there in sidereal Pisces in the 8th house with Jupiter conjunct. Revati represents the deepest waters of spirituality, intuition and imagination. It’s an energy sector that symbolizes the peak of release before the subsequent initiation of cardinal fire, new life and fighting spirit starting at the cusp of Aries. With Jupiter having transited from Capricorn into Aquarius, the Spring will bring about a heightened sense of optimism and opportunities for growth. Jupiter does retrograde back into Capricorn during the Fall, so even though the hopeful expansive light is starting to shine brighter, there’s still a potential rise of temporary shadow waiting for our common sense of expansion and beliefs. Once that transit is over though, I sense a significant and long waited release happening towards the last couple of months of the year when Jupiter reenters Aquarius and our collective expansion and growth reinitiates.

Astrology by Philip Laessoe

Artwork by Johnny Maggard - “Cosmic Wave”

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